Operational Management Systems

CU will support you in the implementation and improvement of your management practices in accordance with

in a variety of branches, also on construction sites.

CU will advise you on the development and implementation of a new Management System (MS) as well as on the adaption of selected aspects and existing systems. During this process, we adhere strictly to demand and cost criteria. The work stages and the distribution of tasks are determined in cooperation with you, our client, in a project schedule. This helps us ensure an effective and timely introduction of the MS.

Upon request we can also monitor your management system (MS) in the long-term, providing review and update of your MS. We advise you 'on-call' and assure that your certificate will be renewed.

Effective management practices are becoming increasingly important for companies and their stakeholders.

The merging of multiple systems into one Integrated Management System (IMS) increases the effectiveness of the systems and lowers costs, as quality, ecology, energy, occupational health and safety and economics are inseparable.